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Go against the wind and go forward! BeSure's 2021 major event inventory

Go against the wind and go forward! BeSure's 2021 major event inventory

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[Descripción resumida]Go against the wind and go forward! BeSure's 2021 major event inventory

Go against the wind and go forward! BeSure's 2021 major event inventory

[Descripción resumida]Go against the wind and go forward! BeSure's 2021 major event inventory

  • Clasificación:Noticias
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  • Tiempo de emisión:2021-12-30
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Years change, spring blossoms and autumn fruit.

2021 is about to pass, BeSure Technology will go all out to stabilize growth, promote transformation, and seek development.

BeSure's major events in 2021 ,to record the major events while moving forward and engrave the footprints in development.

Over the past year, we have witnessed the growth of BeSure.

Thank you for your continued support and trust.

Let us review the big events of BeSure Technology in 2021.


2021 Honor Wall

In April 2021, BeSure Technology was awarded the title of "Leading Enterprise in Subdivision Industry" with its strength casting honor, which is extremely credible.


In June 2021, BeSure Technology Pulp Molded Cup was awarded the "Design Patent Certificate" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. It fully demonstrates the strong product innovation ability of  BeSure Technology.


In June 2021, BeSure Technology won the honorary title of "Enterprise with Tax Over 10 Million Yuan" in Sanshui District by virtue of its strong strength.

In July 2021, BeSure Technology won the title of “Contract-abiding and Credit-keeping Enterprise” in Guangdong Province again by virtue of its perfect contract management mechanism and good contract performance.


On July 19, BeSure has been listed as a national-level specialized and new "little giant" enterprise, and its position as a benchmark in the pulp molding industry has been fully affirmed by industry authorities.


In August 2021, BeSure Technology officially became a member company of Guangdong Paper Industry Association after multiple audits and deliberations and approvals by Guangdong Paper Industry Association.


In September 2021, the first book, "Practical Technology of Pulp Molding Production" (Second Edition), which comprehensively introduced the practical technology of pulp molding production with systematic and detailed information, was officially published! Foshan BeSure Technology Co., Ltd. Zhao Baolin and other industry experts served as deputy editors, and Ge Fuhao and other technical personnel in Foshan BeSure Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the compilation and revision.


In September, Zhao Baolin, President of BeSure Technology, was elected as Executive Committee Member of the 12th Executive Committee of Sanshui District Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce)

In September, the 19th Chinese Scientists (International) Forum was held in Beijing. Foshan BeSure Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Specialized and New Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise"; President Zhao Baolin was awarded the title of 2021 "Specialized,New and Technological Innovation Pioneer"! The brand influence of BeSure Technology is highly recognized.


In December 2021, BeSure was selected as a "Specialized, and New" Enterprise in Guangdong Province in 2021! This is another recognition and encouragement of BeSure Technology's achievements in the development of specialization, refinement, characteristics and novelty.


In December, with its outstanding performance in industrial independent innovation and intellectual property protection, BeSureTechnology was recognized as the "Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise".


The Results of the Exhibition

On March 4th,at 2021 Guangzhou Catering Industry and Supply Chain Exhibition, BeSure Technology won the first battle.

On April 20th, Mr. Zhao Baolin, President of BeSure Technology, gave a wonderful speech on "Expanding and Extending Thoughts of Using Paper to Replace Plastics in the New Situation". Contribute to the "2021 Paper Industry Ecological Development Forum" and illuminate the path of transformation and change for the ecological development of the paper industry.


On May 9th, the 2021 PKWE Packaging World Expo was successfully concluded. The cutting-edge products and innovative solutions of BeSure Technology were well received and attracted much attention.


On May 18, 2021 Shanghai China Food Exhibition, with the theme of environmental protection and health, BeSure was the endorsement of pulp molded packaging. It become a popular brand in China Food Expo, leading the trend of the healthy packaging market!


On July 16th, 2021 China Packaging and Containers Exhibition, BeSure Technology attracted a large number of exhibitors to experience the new trend of packaging and open up a new future of packaging, which was widely praised.


On July 29, at the 11th Beijing Catering Industry Supply Chain Expo, BeSure used pulp molding's leading innovation and product capabilities to confirm the manufacturing strength of the major country brand, attracting many media interviews and returning with a rewarding experience!


On November 9th, 2021 China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference, the brand concept of BeSure came to the fore. The manufacturing strength of the major country brand attracted the organizer's media to conduct on-site interviews and reports.


On December 16, at the 28th Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition,BeSure  Technology's environmentally friendly tableware continued to receive positive reviews.


Company News

On March 24, the annual meeting and supplier conference of BeSure Technology came to a successful conclusion. For dreams, do not stop.


On May 19th, the Saihan District Government of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia visited BeSure for investigation and inspection, fully affirmed BeSure's advanced intelligent equipment and strong technical force, and highly praised BeSure's technological innovation application demonstration and achievements!


On June 30, in the turbulent market economy shrouded by the epidemic, BeSure employees fought side by side, united sincerely, and cut waves, ushering in the eighth anniversary of BeSure Technology!


On July 28th, BeSure Technology launched a visit and condolences and care activities, used  practical actions to repay and thank the society, practice the core values of socialism, and jointly create a good social atmosphere to assist and support people with a disability


On October 27th, District Mayor Li Jun led a team to visit BeSure Technology for field research and guidance. The district government enterprise research team highly praised BeSure  Technology's achievements in the intelligent automation line.


On November 11th, the signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation between BeSure Technology and Baiyun College was grandly held! It is a big leap in the company's talent training. It is beneficial to provide BeSure with more talents with strong professional skills and high comprehensive quality.


On November 26, relevant leaders of Yili Group, Hohhot Jinshan High-tech Development Zone and Jinshan Urban Investment visited BeSure for inspection and fully affirmed and recognized BeSure's development scale and achievements.


Looking back on the outlook, we are more confident


In 2021, we moved forward and live up to our youth.

In 2022, we will work together to create greater glories!

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